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Our Confidential Policy

At Lingua World Services client confidentiality is the main milestone in its success story. Even a single word is not shared with any third party understanding the importance of the document provided by the client.

Lingua World Services works with only those translators who also help to keep client's privacy behind the curtain. We have long list of reputed national as well as international clients from all over the world, who are always worried about legal and judicial processes as well as business competition fearing huge loss to their establishments, if the data is revealed to any third party.

Your legal documents, agreements, quotation, are guaranteed here with 100% security and privacy. Client is updated about translation progress and if the need arises then the client is informed; for example, if there are mixed languages in a single documents and more than one translator is required to finish the job, or client wants minimum quotation and provides short deadline. Even in such conditions, client is informed about the document.

You can experience high quality of services, on-time delivery and reasonable quotation in a single place, which is no other than Lingua World Services.


Disclaimer: Please note carefully the following before taking our Services:

  • We are a translation services provider of all Indian and International languages taking services of other translators for each language pair and these translators are working as freelancer translators:
  • That we take NO Guarantee legal or otherwise for the authenticity of the source document being given to us for the translation by of the client whether individual or organization.
  • That although we try our best to satisfy our customers, in rendering high quality Translations but in unavoidable circumstances/mistakes in translations done by other hired Translators, our liability to the customer is limited only to the tune of “Fees Charged” from Client and not legal or otherwise,
  • That all our saved translated document of client remain  saved for a period of 6 months only after that they are deleted automatically


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