About Lingua World Services

Lingua World Services has been offering its translation services since 2003. Since the inception of its establishment, it successfully garnished long list of clients in terms of on-time delivery and quality. We set off as a team of two translators, learned from our mistakes and even blunders. Our expertise and experience is based on our own errors and faults which helped us create new strategies and tactics in translation industry. Working as translators we got real pulse of translation pressure and working under tight deadline, which we keep in mind while talking to our translators. Working as a company, we realized how many responsibilities are there while dealing with translators, interpreters and writers.

Lingua World Services is proud of having large pool of translators and clients from all around the world.

Lingua World Services is a huge platform where we are offering our translation services as a team with our language translators.

During the course of long translation business travel, we also realized that sometimes, there are unexpected things and very urgent requirements arising abruptly which might affect and delay the delivery of the project. In such cases, we always keep our clients updated.

During any translation project irrespective of how many words of translation or big project is there, we are in constant touch with our translators to meet any surprising catastrophes.

About the Team

Lingua World Services is working as a team with its language translators – not in words only - we are practically and sensibly dedicated to our respective work and responsibility at Lingua World Services. Projects and translations are assigned to the best matching candidate according to the deadline, client’s guidelines and language expertise.

Translators are briefed and instructed to maintain the quality of the assigned job, even though each member has the potential of handling the project independently and individually; still we feedback them from time to time to improve their skills.