Technical, Medical, Legal and General Translation

Our company is unique in providing Thai translation services based on high quality translation, quick turnaround time and flexible pay policy. We have native team of Thai translators with degrees and diplomas in law, medical, engineering, science, religion and other subjects. These native Thai translators are well-versed in their field and understand the importance of language flow. Thai language belongs to Thai people living in Thailand, where the language is spoken as official media of communication in government offices and in general life. Thai is also known as Siamese, Central Thai or only Thai.

Our Thai translators not only have the mastery in their national language, but they also understand Old Khmer, Sanskrit and Pali. You can find number of words of these languages in Thai being used on large scale by the masses and the classes. Lao is considered its sister language because it is well intelligible with Lao.

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Thai Medical Records Translation

  • Thai Marriage Certificates Translation
  • Thai Immigration and Naturalization Papers Translation
  • Thai Financial Records Translation

Thai Visa Translation

  • Thai Recommendation Letters Translation
  • Thai Passports Translation

Thai Driver's Licenses Translation

  • Thai Customs' Documents Translation
  • Thai Birth Certificates Translation
  • Thai Academic Transcripts Translation
  • Thai Academic Records Translation

Thai Medical Terminology Glossaries Translation

  • Thai Patient Package Inserts Translation
  • Thai Patient Instruction Manuals for Medical Devices Translation
  • Thai Regulatory approval letters Translation

Thai Quality of Life Questionnaires Translation

  • Thai Medication usage instruction manuals Translation
  • Thai Clinical Protocols Translation
  • Thai Patient Diary Translation of Patient Brochures Translation

Thai CRF (for international languages) Translation

  • Thai Flyers / Pamphlets Translation
  • Thai Posters & Advertisements Translation

Thai Patient Information Sheet/Informed Consent Form Translation