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Lingua World Services is real platform offering highly qualified Serbian translation, Serbian interpretation and Serbian transcription services at affordable prices. There are very few Serbian translators all over the world understanding the language and its geographical differences. Serbian language is spoken in Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Herzegovina, Bosnia and Serbia. You can also find Serbian speakers in other neighboring nations.

Serbian language does not have its own dialect as most of the people think. Shtokavian is considered to be the primary standard of the main literary language dialect. This dialect is also used in Montenegrin, Bosnia and Croatia.

Still, due to the geographical differences and globalization, Serbian interpretation is getting affected but as far as the Serbian translation is concerned, it is the same in any particular domain and field.

Lingua World Services provide Serbian translation and Serbian interpretation services all over the world by its native and extremely qualified team of Serbian translators and Serbian interpreters. You can contact us any time to inquire about our Serbian translation and Serbian interpretation services.

Our Translation Services include the following; you can contact us 24X7 Call us on + +91- 9311112424 , Mail us at

Serbian Medical Records Translation

  • Serbian Marriage Certificates Translation
  • Serbian Immigration and Naturalization Papers Translation
  • Serbian Financial Records Translation

Serbian Visa Translation

  • Serbian Recommendation Letters Translation
  • Serbian Passports Translation

Serbian Driver's Licenses Translation

  • Serbian Customs' Documents Translation
  • Serbian Birth Certificates Translation
  • Serbian Academic Transcripts Translation
  • Serbian Academic Records Translation

Serbian Medical Terminology Glossaries Translation

  • Serbian Patient Package Inserts Translation
  • Serbian Patient Instruction Manuals for Medical Devices Translation
  • Serbian Regulatory approval letters Translation

Serbian Quality of Life Questionnaires Translation

  • Serbian Medication usage instruction manuals Translation
  • Serbian Clinical Protocols Translation
  • Serbian Patient Diary Translation of Patient Brochures Translation

Serbian CRF (for international languages) Translation

  • Serbian Flyers / Pamphlets Translation
  • Serbian Posters & Advertisements Translation

Serbian Patient Information Sheet/Informed Consent Form Translation