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Portuguese language is spoken in Portugal and this is also its official language. It is one of the Romance languages. In addition to this, this is also used in São Tomé e Príncipe, Guiné-Bissau, Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique and Brazil. These are former Portuguese colonies in Africa and South America. If you have a chance to go to Goa in India, you will see people speaking Portuguese. In East Timor in South East Asia and in Macau in China, Portuguese has co-official status.

Portuguese is fast growing international language in South America and southern Africa like Spanish, according to the UNESCO. By 2050, there would be an estimated combined population of more than 85 million of the Portuguese-speaking African countries. Even though, the Portuguese-speaking nations are supposed to have around 355 million speakers.

Portuguese translation has also played a vital role in its growth and progress by providing complete information about Portuguese history and also learning from other languages. If you have any Portuguese language requirement, you can hire our translation services without any hesitation.

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Portuguese Medical Records Translation

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German Medical Terminology Glossaries Translation

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