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Ninth century in light of history was the time when Spanish language appeared from the dialects of ancestral Vulgar Latin. At some stage in the 2nd Punic War about 220 Before Christ, Romans brought Latin to Iberia. When the language was brought to Iberia, it got number of opportunities to be influenced by the atmosphere of Paleohispanic languages, Basque and Celtiberian - these languages were identified as native Iberian languages. But, slowly-slowly, it was overcome by other languages as well, especially by the Arabic language.

Because of the different dialects and languages, Spanish language sometimes appears to be very difficult to understand and speak, but this is not a problem for native speakers, especially when they have some expertise in Arabic and other languages.

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Spanish Medical Records Translation

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  • German Immigration and Naturalization Papers Translation
  • German Financial Records Translation

German Visa Translation

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  • German Passports Translation

German Driver's Licenses Translation

  • German Customs' Documents Translation
  • German Birth Certificates Translation
  • German Academic Transcripts Translation
  • German Academic Records Translation

German Medical Terminology Glossaries Translation

  • German Patient Package Inserts Translation
  • German Patient Instruction Manuals for Medical Devices Translation
  • German Regulatory approval letters Translation

German Quality of Life Questionnaires Translation

  • German Medication usage instruction manuals Translation
  • German Clinical Protocols Translation
  • German Patient Diary Translation of Patient Brochures Translation

German CRF (for international languages) Translation

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German Patient Information Sheet/Informed Consent Form Translation