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Malay is an old and ancient language and number of mysteries and assumptions are associated with it. That is why it is very difficult to find its origin. One of the hypotheses discloses that it belongs to Sumatra Island. Oldest inscriptions were found in Palembang in Southern Sumatra and on Bangka Island in Malay dates back to 7th century. These inscriptions and writings say the story of old empire situated in Eastern Sumatra's Jambi province.

As far as understating the language and providing Malay translation is concerned, it requires great Malay translation skills and expertise, deep knowledge of long history and other languages used in modern Malay. There are very few companies in offering Malay translation and Lingua World Services is one of them. We also provide our Malay translation services to reputed Indian and international translation agencies and individuals.

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Malay Medical Records Translation

  • Malay Marriage Certificates Translation
  • Malay Immigration and Naturalization Papers Translation
  • Malay Financial Records Translation

Malay Visa Translation

  • Malay Recommendation Letters Translation
  • Malay Passports Translation

Malay Driver's Licenses Translation

  • Malay Customs' Documents Translation
  • Malay Birth Certificates Translation
  • Malay Academic Transcripts Translation
  • Malay Academic Records Translation

Malay Medical Terminology Glossaries Translation

  • Malay Patient Package Inserts Translation
  • Malay Patient Instruction Manuals for Medical Devices Translation
  • Malay Regulatory approval letters Translation

Malay Quality of Life Questionnaires Translation

  • Malay Medication usage instruction manuals Translation
  • Malay Clinical Protocols Translation
  • Malay Patient Diary Translation of Patient Brochures Translation

Malay CRF (for international languages) Translation

  • Malay Flyers / Pamphlets Translation
  • Malay Posters & Advertisements Translation

Malay Patient Information Sheet/Informed Consent Form Translation